About Centuria Academy

Centuria Academy was founded in 2004, Centuria has more than 17 years of experience of good reputation in the market; specialising training courses in Flight Attendant, Cruise Operation Skills, Airport Staff and Hotel Operation Skills. We are also an authorized training academy for professional education organizations nationwide and abroad. We are the representative of West College Scotland (UK).

Centuria has a professional and experienced team, our instructors are former flight attendants as well as other experts in different industries.

In addition, Centuria has also established close and good relationships with Domestic and International Airlines, Cruise Lines, Airports as well as Hotels to provide more employment opportunities to our students.

In order to bring new talent into the aviation industry, courses provided by Centuria Academy are highly focused on practical learning and character building of the students to ensure that they meet the standards of the industry and improve their personal skills.

History Timeline

2004 February

Centuria Academy officially opened.

First intake was with 20 students enrolled in airline and customer service courses.

 2004 November


Centuria assisted 11 students from the first intake to apply for Singapore Airline and Eva Air recruitment and 8 of them successfully passed their interviews.

This was our onwards campaign and managed to create a great platform to our students in airlines.

2005 Onwards

In House Recruitment by conducting interviews and career talks for major airlines in Southeast Asia.

Centuria team was keeping busy with airlines interviews; famous airlines recruited our students in our in house campaigns.

Centuria team travelled to different states and countries to organise career talks, in response, with the aim to bring employment-linked education within the reach of those who needed it the most.


New Programmes were launched

Centuria launched its new programmes in CRUISE and AIRPORT SERVICES.

Centuria also known as the first academy in Malaysia providing more choice for students who is interested in customer service career such as Cabin Crew, Cruise Crew , Airport Staff as well as Hotel Industry.

2014 – 2020
Cabin Crew Academy Malaysia (2)

Breadth and Depth

As the academy continues to grow and expand, new facilities, better study environment are also been set up.  


Centuria New mock-up aircraft Boeing 777 was build.

With original seats, side wall, galley and overhead compartments of an aircraft (Boeing 777-200) which breaks speed and distance WORLD record. 

Centuria was very ambitious to ensure hands-on knowledge, experiential and practical learning.


Derived from English word “Century” It’s the time of empowerment and development.It means, time to strive towards excellence in all spheres of individual and collective activities. Journey of young people; millennial to rise higher in employment world.

Red Sphere: Globalism, versatile connectivity, communication and teamwork.

Airplane and Cruise: Symbolises Centuria specialised in Flight Attendant and Cruise Operation Training which prepare students to get wherever they want to go.

Centuria Cabin crew training academy Malaysia (4)-1

Tagline: No matter where you are and what you have today , with our help you can go anywhere. Anywhere means your future career in Airlines, Cruise, Airports, Hotel and other customer service industry. 

Global Trusted Academy

Our student are successfully employed by following airlines