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Centuria Academy Training Malaysia Testimonial Airasia

Dorin @ Air Asia

I am so glad that I have chosen Centuria as my choice. I learnt a lot from my lecturer Ms Mullai in gaining flying knowledge. Teaching by an experienced crew and enrolled in a professional flying academy which makes me succeed today.

Cecilia @ Qatar

I am glad to meet Centuria because they made my dream come true to become a cabin crew and to work at one of the famous airline in the world which is Qatar Airways.

Centuria Academy Training Malaysia Testimonial
Centuria Academy Training Malaysia Testimonial Emirates

Eunice @ Emirates

I successfully passed my first interview in Emirates Airline. Centuria helped me a lot in my language speaking and makeup skills, the interview techniques they taught were really useful. I became more confident now.

Jonathan @ Genting Dream

You were the biggest reason I’m here, thank you Ms Mullai for your love and courage, I started my career at age of 18, right now I’m 24. Throughout all these years, those experiences really are unforgettable for me. I feel so lucky and happy to be part of Centuria.

Centuria Academy Training Malaysia Testimonial GEnting Dream Cruise
Centuria Academy Training Malaysia Testimonial MAS airline Malaysia

Sharon @ MAS

Thanks to Centuria which makes my dream come true. Working in Malaysia airlines is always my dream and finally I have passed my interview and became part of their family.

Winnie @ Malindo

自毕业的这一段时间以来我很顺利以及成功的加入两家航空公司,它们分别是EagleXpress和Malindo Air。在这短短的几年时间内,我在航空业体验了很多不一样的生活。最重要的还是要感谢Centuria老师们的教学,因为在当中学到很多关于不同航空公司的知识、面试问答环节和每一家航空公司不一样的要求。

Centuria Academy Training Malaysia Testimonial Malindo

Chloe @ Scoot

很感激Ms Mullai和每一位老师的细心教导,让我学习到很多面试的回答技巧然而在很短的时间内成功面试加入Scoot。

Maliki @ Scoot

My brother Muez is flying with MAS and he was study in Centuria Academy. After my SPM, my brother suggested me to join Centuria Academy to pursue my dream in aviation. Thanks to my family being supportive always and Centuria Academy which made my dream came true.

Alicia @ Cathay Pacific

成为一名空姐是我从小的梦想,在机缘巧合之下让我在学校的教育展遇见了Centuria,中午毕业以后我就毫不犹豫的加入了Centuria的培训课程。完成课程后就立马接到学院通知说Cathay Pacific在招收空姐,很幸运我的也被选上了

Wee Yee @ China Southern Airline


Divina @ MAS

Before I joined Centuria, I didn’t know that there are so many procedures during the flight attendant interview, thanks to Centuria for giving me these knowledge and interview techniques to achieved my dream job.

Camelia @ MAS


Kugilan @ Air Asia Airport Staff

After I completed my training in Centuria, I found that being an Airport Staff is interesting, so Ms Shirley was helping to join the interview and I am successfully recruited! 🙂

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