Airlines Interview 航空面试

The Cabin Crew selection and interview process(航空面试及挑选过程)

Hey Cabin Crew wannabe! We are going to share you some idea about the airlines interview process:-

Registration : which will usually start at 9 am for most of the airlines:- We always suggest candidates to be there early to avoid long queue. Depending on the airlines some will require you to get a registration form and wait for your number to be called in for documents checked height and weight measurement. However, some of the airlines will need you to submit your resume thereafter proceed with height measurement;

  1. First round interview- Height and Weight Measurement:- If you pass this round, you will be asked to proceed to a room and there will be instructors who will brief you about the interview process. After that you will be asked to enter into the auditorium for group discussion or one on one interview.
  2. Second round interview- Q&A Question:- At this round, the interviewer will throw you some questions.
  3. Third round interview- Grooming round:- The facilitator will do a thorough skin check on your face. They will also look out for any obvious scars and tattoo on your face, neck, lower arms, You will be asked to do a simple catwalk too.
  4. Fourth round interview- Management round:- At this round, candidates will be asked to divide in few two groups. Thereafter, a scenario-based question will be given to text your ability to react appropriately. The airline will get an idea of how you handle the tricky situation while under pressure or how to handle different type of passenger. After the interview, some airlines will announce the result at the same day, but some airlines will take a week to inform the successful candidate.
  5. Medical Checkup:- Candidates who made it through were asked to fix an appointment to undergo the medical checkup. During the medical checkup , a blood test, blood pressure test, eye test, urine test, x-ray and body checkup will be done. Once you get the medical report from the clinic, you will receive an email from the HR Department with regards to your reporting time .