Airline Basic Safety and Meal Service Classes 基本安全措施,紧急救护及机舱服务

Safety and Emergency Procedure(基本安全措施及紧急救护)

The objective of the safety and emergency procedure training courses is to ensure crew are well equipped with the necessary skills to handle any emergency or unusual situation that can occurs on board their aircraft and that they are informed of any new regulations, procedures or safety equipment.

All the Cabin Crew are required to complete a skills test ie. Safety checks, emergency equipment, emergency procedures, passenger seats and restraints and etc…

In Centuria we will provide basic knowledge with regards to the safety and emergency procedure, hence students will have an idea on what will be experience in the future when they are attach with any airlines.


Meal Service Procedure(基本机舱服务)

Centuria also provides basic meal service procedure which allows students to hands on and experience on board service.


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