Skin Analysis and Grooming Class 皮肤分析及航空妆容班

Makeup and Grooming Classes(皮肤分析及妆容班)

Flight attendants have to stick to a set of guidelines for their appearance. Why is appearance so important???

During the first few minutes of an interview, the recruiters makes certain judgements about your character and work style based on your dress, demeanour and body language. As a cabin crew, you will be the face of the airline and your standards of presentation should therefore be very high. The airlines expect you to look good and will observe you closely during the interview process. Their will look at your height, skin, hair, nails, teeth , makeup, clothing and how well you will put together.

If you have less idea on how airlines makeup is or having problem with your grooming… Centuria is here to assist you and groom you to be a more confident person and projecting a positive self-image!!!