Cabin Crew Course College

Cabin Crew Malaysia An cabin crew vocation is one of the most compensating employments for individuals who love to travel. cabin crew employments additionally have one of the most elevated number of occupation candidates in the movement business. Our preparation program gives you a preferred position. The Centuria Academy understudies set themselves apart from the … Read more

Yuran Malaysian Flying Academy

Flying Academy Malaysia Para atendan penerbangan atau krew kabin (juga dikenali sebagai pelayan / pramugari, tuan rumah / tuan rumah / tuan rumah, pembantu kabin) adalah ahli-ahli pesawat udara yang digunakan oleh syarikat penerbangan terutamanya untuk memastikan keselamatan dan keselesaan penumpang di dalam penerbangan komersil, pesawat jet perniagaan pilihan dan beberapa pesawat tentera. Peranan seorang … Read more

Flight Attendant Malaysia

  Airline flight attendants or cabin staff (also called stewards/stewardesses, air hosts/hostesses, cabin attendants) are customers associated with an aircrew utilized by airlines mainly to guarantee the protection and comfort of travellers aboard commercial plane tickets, on go for business jet aeroplanes, and on some armed forces aircraft. Overview The principal role of any trip … Read more